About Adventures with Autism

Who we are

Adventures with Autism is an ABA therapy center for children with autism. The company was founded by Board Certified Behavior Analyst Samantha Perezchica after spending 10+ years in the ABA services and autism field. We’ve been expanding ever since. That’s because we have a burning desire to fill the need for quality ABA services in the Salem area, structure our ABA programs as a community resource for parents, and respect the challenge of teaching social skills to children with autism. We work diligently to make real change and bring autism awareness to our community – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our BCBAs are autism specialists who believe every child deserves the freedom to be themselves, pursue their interests, and engage with their community. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to advocate for children with autism. 

And we don’t plan to quit any time soon.

What we do

Adventures with Autism offers clinic-based ABA services for children with autism. These services include social skills groups, adapted activity groups, sensory activities for kids with autism, sensory sensitive community events for children with autism, IEP and school consultations, parent training and support, and parents’ nights out! All of our ABA services utilize a behavior analytic framework and evidence-based practices.

Where we work

Adventures with Autism's main center is located in Keizer, OR.

We opened our second center in NE Salem in 2020.