About Us

Who we are

Adventures with Autism was founded by Samantha Perezchica, MA BCBA LBA and her husband, Andres.  Samantha has been working in the field of Autism for more than 10 years, and realized there was a need for quality Applied Behavior Analysis services, community resources, social skills and much more in the Salem area.   Our programs focus is on all of the skills needed to live a happy life.  We want all kids to have the freedom to be themselves, pursue their interests, and engage with the community. 

What we do

Adventures with Autism offers clinic based ABA services,  social skills groups, adapted activity groups, sensory sensitive community events,  IEP/School Consultation, Parent Training and Support, and Moms/Dads Nights out!  All of our services utilize a behavior analytic framework and evidence based practices.

Where we work

Adventures with Autism is located in Salem, OR.